At SHIRAK TOURS, the focus is on the human being. Our travel offers are addressed to groups and individuals and are accompanied by professional tour guides and experts. The tours are based on the interests of our visitors. This themed journey we offer for the areas of archeology, architecture, art, as well as nature and traditional Armenian cuisine and music. These areas of interest can also be combined.Our itineraries will take you through classical (modern) Armenia, but our routes will also take you in combination with Armenia to Karabakh, Georgia and the Van Lake in eastern Turkey, the former western Armenia.

History – Culture – Art, Bridges from the Past to the Present, Paths to the Future. Experiencing history, getting to know people, understanding history, this is how SHIRAK TOURS understands its mission.


Our tour guides and experts are chosen very carefully. They love their country and are well prepared to accompany you on their visit to Armenia as a competent travel companion. They teach you everything worth knowing about the history of Armenia, the current customs and the cultural scene. For this you have a broad knowledge of land and people.

On specific topics, we invite special experts, artists and scientists who complement our tour guides and put special emphasis.

We are happy to customize the design of your trip within our capabilities to your wishes and interests.

Our Team