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Aktuelle Reiseangebote

10 Tage Tour / 12.-22. Oktober 2023
Nach dem Frühstueck Beginn des Stadtrundgangs; Ausflug zum Aussichtshügel mit einem schönen Blick auf die Stadt. Von dort sieht man den sagenumwobenen biblischen Berg Ararat und das Herz der Stadt – das Opernhaus.
10 Tage Tour / 05.-15. November 2023
Transfer zum Hotel in Gyumri, der schönen alten Stadt des Handwerks und der Kunst, die 2013 auch Kulturhauptstadt der GUS-Länder war. Zeit zum Ausruhen und spätes Frühstück. Mittags Besichtigung der historischen Altstadt und der Festung von Alexandrapol, die Schwarze Festung. Übernachtung in Gyumri.
10 Tage Tour / 10.-20. July 2024
Ankunft. Transfer zum Hotel. Check in und Erholung. Am späten Vormittag Beginn der Stadtrundfahrt. Yerevan ist eine der ältesten Städte der Welt. Besichtigung des Platzes der Republik, des Opernhauses und der Nordstrasse.

Tägliche Touren

ArchitecTure. Gyumri
Are you familiar with the exceptional art of ''stone affairs'' by Alexandropol masons? If not, it's time to take part in our tour. Let's discover Alexandrapol-Gyumri with its unique architecture. In the program: 19th-century architecture, a unique combination of Gyumri's black and red tuffa stone in the old city, samples of constructivism, the most diverse manifestations of Art Nouveau, a visit to Gyumri's Museum of Architecture and Urban Life. the price includes: guide service, museum entrance ticket, coffee and tea.
Tour duration: 4 hours.

SculpTour. Gyumri
If you want to get acquainted with the history of the city, through the sculptures or to learn the connection of Auguste Rodin with Gyumri, then this tour is for you. During the tour, a combination of classic and modern sculpture in Gyumri will be discovered. In the program: house-museum of a well-known sculptor, master of monuments Sergey Merkurov, Albert Vardanyan's ''Zi Yeghitsin mi'' sculpture and a symbol of International Biennale '' Surgical Intervention'' at Yot Verk church and Masters street, as well as a visit to the Gyumri sculptor's studio. The tour includes: transport, guide service, museum entrance ticket.
Tour duration: 5 hours.

ArtTour. Gyumri
Gyumri, of course, is known as a city of art, but few have come up with contemporary developments in local art. Let's unravel the amazing art in Gyumri at Gallery 25, Hakob Ananikyan's ''Gyumri'' series, Mariam and Yeranuhi Aslamazyan sister's gallery, Vardges Surenyants's ''Madonna with the Child'' canvas, miraculous ''Seven Wounds'' icon, as well as a visit to Gyumri artist's studio.
Tour duration: 5 hours.

ArtTour. Gusanagyugh-Gyumri
The best way to engage in art is the live communication with artists living next to us. Only this can be felt by inspiration and spirit that drives a person to create. The program includes paintings by Vahan Topchyan and Karen Barseghyan in Gyumri, paiting artist Hagop Hovhannisyan's studio.
Tour duration: 5 hours.

We offer the best opportunity to watch the ruins of the ancient capital Ani's thousands of monasteries and discover the once flourishing city, and the unique and mysterios Yereruik temple has not left any visitors indifferent. In the program: view of the medieval capital Ani panorama from village Haykadzor, Early Medieval basilica of Yereruik, caves and an ancient settlement in the village Anipemza. The tour includes: transport, guide service, coffee and tea.
Tour duration: 5 hours.

Hiking. Horom-Harichavank
The town of Horom, with its unique monuments, is one of the most ancient settlements in Shirak. Join the tour and feel the prehistoric breath of life. And the mysterious Harichavank will provide spiritual harmony and peace. In the program: Horom's prehistoric settlement and one of the most important spiritual medieval centers, Harichavank monastic complex. The tour includes: transport, guide service, coffee and tea.
Tour duration: 5 hours.

Hiking. Tirashen-Marmashen
Let us take the wheel of the time together and travel to the ancient and Middle Ages. During the stops on the way to past, you will see cuneiform inscriptions, rare rock-curved cross-stones and a magnificent monastic complex. In the program: the village of Tirashen with natural and human-made monuments, brought into a perfected state with a view of relaxed volcanic lake, a unique cuneiform inscription of Urartian King Argishti I and one of the best examples of medieval spiritual architecture-the Marmashen monastic complex. The tour includes: transport, guide service, coffee and tea.
Tour duration: 5 hours.

NaTour. Hartashen-Trchkan
The beautiful Trchkan by its surrounding landscape is forever printed in the memories of its visitors forcing them to come back again and again. In the program: Hartashen mysterious three-row megaliths, hiking to Trchkan-the highest waterfall in Armenia, wonderful and picturesque landscapes. The tour includes: transport, guide service, coffee and tea.
Tour duration: 6 hours.

NaTour. Zuygaghbyur-Arpi Lake
The mysterious megaliths and one of the most picturesque places in the Shirak region, the Arpi lake invite you to enjoy the wonderful nature of the area. In the program: three-row Zuygaghbyur megaliths, introduction to the magnificent flora and fauna of the region in the Arpi Lake National Park's Information Center, bird watching and hiking in the lake area. The tour includes: transport, guide service, coffee and tea.
Tour duration: 7 hours.